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GoGreenInside® provides expert resources, online courses and live workshops to support your inner sustainability. We cover every aspect of a woman’s life in full bloom, including self care and natural health, green living, relationships, creativity, personal growth and spirituality.


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We offer private and group coaching to support midlife women in embracing the most powerful time of your life. And for women creative entrepreneurs, we provide customized marketing coaching and consulting to support you at any stage of creating a sustainable project.


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We are growing a vibrant community to support and celebrate each other’s lives. Connect and share as part of our online tribe of wild wise-women, or work with us to co-create inspiring content through GoGreenInside®’s guest blog posts, podcast interviews and online courses.


Hello, wise and wonderful woman.

Come in, closer. I want to talk to you about something that’s really important, and very sacred.

The transition to midlife, and the years that follow, are meant to be an extraordinary and powerful time for a woman.

They can also be fraught with uncertainty and worry.

You wonder if you can maintain the same level of natural health and vitality you once took for granted, as you sense changes in your body — and stirrings in your heart.

You may be caring for an aging parent, while working and still raising children. With all of that going on and more, you struggle to prioritize time for yourself.

Once in a while, you (reluctantly) think about your own mortality. You wonder — ‘Will I have the time and energy to put all my dreams and plans into motion?’ ‘What matters most to me now?’ (And…’Should I be speeding up? Or slowing down?’)

There are other things too, that are less concrete and harder to put into words.

Yearnings, longings —

For deeper creative expression, spiritual understanding, soulful partnership and intimacy.

To take the sadness and discouragement you’ve felt at the state of the world and the environment and channel it into your unique work — big or small — to create positive change. (If only you knew where to start. Or truly believed you could.)

To reconnect your heartbeat to the heart of Mother Earth, return to a part of yourself that you’ve lost or forgotten. To open to the possibilities you’ve only sensed for yourself.

This is midlife. This is your time. And mine. Let’s figure it out together.

At GoGreenInside®, you’ll find a nurturing place to explore and discover how to create your happiest, healthiest, most sustainable (mid)life, from the inside out.

Here you will gather, with other like-spirited women, and be inspired and supported to:

  • Plant your creative seeds
  • Tend your inner garden
  • Nourish your soil
  • Honor your natural rhythms
  • Light your self up
  • Celebrate connection to self, others and nature
  • Live your unique YOU - in full and glorious bloom.

Pour yourself a cup of herbal tea and join me on the Inside.

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